My name's Jonsei (pronounced "Jon(e)-Say") (note. Not actually my real name). I'm 20 years old, have high-functioning autism (but don't make it a big deal), and I love drawing, writing and comics/movies/manga

"I look around and you know what I see? Losers.
        But life’s giving us a chance.”

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fma-genderbent deactivated?


cowstian-dior said: lmao i havent seen any video stores in yeeeears nowadays youre stuck with the poopy selection in redbox


I am depressed

Do video stores still exist? Somewhere? Please tell me…


We're in this together!


They call themselves the Guardians Of The Galaxy.


        “Gamora. Soldier. Assassin. Wanted on over a dozen counts of murder.”


Gamora in #30, commissioned by clockworkgate! 


Gamora in #30, commissioned by clockworkgate

"Up until now, the only friends I had were in my head. But then I meet Ryuko and I made a real one!"

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stereobone look what you made me do